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Why I play golf

People I get to meet and the relationships that last decades… all because of a goofy sport that drives us all crazy for various reasons.

These pictures say it all… from junior golf (WJGA) to collegiate golf (GO BEAVS) to coaching in college and now a PGA member of the PNW - these people mean the world to me and I love that golf brings us all together. It makes the world a very small place - they say 6 degrees of separation… I believe if you play golf it’s only about 3 degrees. Somebody you played with has played golf with someone else that knows you…once you play a round of golf with someone you are connected because of the desire to chase this little white ball! Almost like you have your golf family!

Golf takes time and you get to learn a lot about a person when paired together. I believe every interview or business deal should be done on the golf course. When someone is having a hard time on the golf course you learn a lot about how people handle adversity and treat themselves and others in a trying situation.

Being a female in the PGA can be challenging but this crew of professionals is just the best! We enjoy sharing stories of glory days and talking about the challenges in our industry. We are all incredibly grateful for how busy we all are since golf became really cool during a pandemic! Getting to enjoy a beverage after the round or going out to dinner with these people makes a crappy round of golf worthwhile.

I enjoy taking time to play in our section majors to see these amazing people and to participate in events that raise money for great causes! It’s such a great feeling to be a part of something bigger!

Thanks for all the laughs, hugs, beers, and time well spent together! Until we see you again!!!

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