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Ages 6-18

At Griffin Golf, we believe that every golf program should be fun and welcoming to all individuals.  Operation 36 is the most complete program model to develop junior golfers ages 6-18!  Classes are available during the winter in our studio in Sumner, during the Spring, Summer and Fall at Allenmore and High Cedars with priority given to those juniors enrolled in our previous sessions.

Classes are 60 minutes and juniors earn poker chips each class to spend at the end of each session. Drop in classes are available for $50/class.

OP36 matches will be held on the weekends for juniors to attempt to shoot even par (36) for 9 holes. Everyone begins from 25 yards away! Matches are an additional $25.

Winter session begins in the after MLK day in January for 8 weeks. Spring session begins the middle of April for 8 weeks. In the Summer we offer 3-day camps (2-hours per day). Fall session begins the end of September for another 6 weeks. Drop in sessions are available during the Holiday season as well.

During the Spring session we run PGA Junior League matches at Allenmore and High Cedars for juniors to get a taste of friendly competition in a team scramble format. It's the best introduction to competitive golf!

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