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We've crafted programs to make the game approachable and enjoyable in a social setting.


Ladies Bootcamps - if you are new to golf or want a refresher about all the equipment, what to wear, definitions of golf terms or just want to know why the men in your life spend so much time playing this silly sport - this 2.5 hour event is for you! We offer a bootcamp each month and there is no equipment needed! Once you complete the bootcamp you are invited to join our clinics and OP36 Social play days!

Ladies Clinics - We will utilize the Operation 36 curriculum to get your golf game dialed in with a 8:1 student to coach ratio. Our clinics are for ladies of all abilities. Each week we will discuss a new topic (grip, posture, putting, power, etc.) and help you understand why it is important to your game. One week each month we get on the golf course and play from your respective yardage and attempt to shoot even par for 9 holes! Our hope is that you make some new friends to play golf with and enjoy the engagement with each other. If you have a group of ladies that wants to learn together, please inquire about availability.  

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