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Grateful for COVID - Reason #1

Furthering My Education

I purchased the book, It Takes What it Takes to read and share with my PLU team at the start of our spring season. My plan was to finish it on my flight to Australia and who knew that when I returned home at the end of February we would be heading into a global pandemic. Everyone's world changed in the middle of March and we all of a sudden had quite a bit of time on our hands at home. I chose to spend that time to further my education and see if I couldn't learn a few things. It is crazy how small the world is, especially for us in golf. The author of this book is Trevor Moawad and his dad, Bob, was a member at Tacoma Country & Golf Club and passed away before I started working there, but Chris knew him and the family. I had the privilege of knowing Andrea and now can’t get enough of listening to Trevor and all his wisdom and advice.. I have been called Suzy Sunshine and this books make me realize that I need to be more neutral, not so positive - state the facts and realize that it just is… Limitless Minds is a company that he started with Russell Wilson and they did free webinars about winning the wait during the stay at home orders. I was so grateful they gave this information away and shared what works for them. Trevor’s dad, Bob taught him that self esteem is the belief you can handle life! We all need that advice now.

Another educational freebie was a class at Yale - Science of Well-Being This class was just what I needed to stay positive during the quarantine. The lectures were very engaging and allowed us to see a different perspective on life and have a little control over creating our happiness. I believe I am one of 2 million people who have taken this class online. There was great science behind what creates happiness and how our world has us see all the negative.

One last educational piece that I am grateful for - Lara Casey and Cultivate What Matters! Power sheets have been an incredible source of our success and helping us to see progress in our business and personal world. She is all about progress not perfection and it has been fun to see what our goals are and how we are making a little progress towards what we want. If you need a little organization about what you want to create, I highly recommend Power Sheets and anything that Cultivate What Matters has to offer. Check out their site for more free information on how to shift during this crazy time in our lives.

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