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Private Coaching and Practice Packages


Join the Griffin Club this winter if you want to get better!

We want to engage our students on a regular basis - this is the best way to hold you accountable! Sign up to have a lesson once a month or twice a month and we will create a plan to help you improve your golf game over the course of a year. You will have priority in scheduling all of your lessons - this is the most cost effective way for you to invest in your golf game. 

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November - March

2X4 PACKAGE - $350
2 lessons per month/ 4 practice sessions

1X3 PACKAGE -  $325
2 lessons per month/ 3 practice sessions

1X2 PACKAGE - $175

1 lesson PER month/ 2 practice sessions


10 hours on simulator - $300

Simulator by the hour - $40 

Group rate by the hour - $20 per person

The studio will have a dedicated hitting bay for practice as well as a tee line and access to the putting green during your hour of practice time. 

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The Monthly Club:

Eagle Package - $250
2 lessons per month/ 2 practice sessions

Birdie Package -  $140
1 lesson per month/ 1 practice session 

Par Package - $

1 lesson every other month/ 1 practice sessions

Packages include:

  • Automatically billed monthly - set it and forget it!

  • Personalized CoachNow Space to keep notes and videos organized and for remote coaching when you are unable to see your coach

  • Goal setting for the year

  • Evaluate your equipment and give recommendations

  • Invitations to fitting/demo days, pro ams and tournaments

  • Priority scheduling for lessons

  • Full access to your coach - phone, text, email, etc.

By joining the coaching club you will receive the allotted hours per month of practice time in the studio during the winte, depending on which plan you choose. Our winter months are November through February. These hours can be used before or after your lesson or booked on a separate day and time. You will also have access to CoachNow for remote coaching. Access to our Operation 36 Community is available so you can track your progress and keep your stats! 

This coaching club is limited to 20 people per coach, so sign up now!



Golf instruction is vital to improvement, but it has to work with goals, schedules and budgets. Before beginning a coaching plan, we evaluate each aspect of your current situation including mental, long and short games. We are able to hone in, specifically, on where you are losing your most strokes and what areas you can benefit most from improvements.



Just like a normal workout, your body (and mind, for that matter) can become accustomed to one type of training. From the traditional to the cutting edge, we pride ourselves on using a variety of training methods. As experienced PGA Teaching Professionals, we have worked with golfers ranging from 2 years old to 92 years old, newbies to touring pros.



We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to golf. Each of us possess different strengths and weaknesses, as well as different learning styles. It is our job to understand your goals and build a training program to fit. When building individualized programs, we take into account your starting point, ultimate goals, frequency/availability.



In addition to our specialized programs, we offer single and packages of private golf coaching with our instructors. We each have extensive playing, tournament and teaching experience that we apply to our lessons with golfers of every skill level (and with any goal). 

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