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Reason #2 to be grateful for COVID


Faith has kept our family grounded during these weird times. Not saying that times don’t get hard or overwhelming, but we have maintained growing our faith and these things help keep our eyes looking up which may help you as well!

My bible study fellowship meetings turned into virtual zoom calls and lectures. Nicole our leader was great for our group and kept us together. We got to ‘see’ each other for 40 minutes before the lecture and check in with each other on what they were doing with their families and how home schooling was going, etc. It was great to continue our normal routine and stay in touch! Now with the new school year we get to study Genesis and anyone can join! Check out Bible Study Fellowship for more information.

Another way we stay connected with other believers was through our virtual bible study calls with Chad on Friday nights. Bless his heart! He continued to lead our wee bible study group- Britney, Desirae, Hannah, Emma, Chris, myself, his family… even with all the craziness of BSF international and him creating things for his family he managed to continue to teach us the book of Acts and kept us learning and sharing the word of God!

Another great tool that helped us dive deeper into God’s Word is the Bible App. I’m sure many people are aware of this app, but may not know all that it does! You can create images of your favorite verses and share them with others. This app has many many plans varying from 3 days to a whole year, with all different topics. They even have a search bar where you can type in how you are feeling and it will give you verses that may help you through your struggles. How great is that?! When times get tough we try to look up and remember that this too shall pass, and He has a plan for us.

Our church, Gospel Life, has kept their participants following and learning about Jesus by utilizing live streams on Sunday mornings at 8:30. These sermons are also recorded and available to go back and watch at another time of the week! We love seeing how people can adjust and adapt and continue to make us feel a part of the community and they are working so hard and doing everything to keep us connected! It’s awesome that so many other churches are doing this as well to keep up with these difficult times, while walking through faith!

Overall, during this pandemic our family has been growing our faith and working together to remember God’s love for us. All of these tools together create the perfect blend of community, love, hope, compassion and most importantly faith. It is crucial to have faith over fear and know that we are not in control.

“Turn to our God for he will forgive generously” Isaiah 55:7

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