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Connecting the Dots: Adam Scott & Royal Melbourne

Life is wild… and making connections is crazy at times. One of my favorite swings on tour belongs to a very well known Australian that everyone knows of – Adam Scott. Watching his golf swing is magical and I have always used it for a reference to students! See if you can follow my dots…

My first experience at the Masters was in 2013 when Chris and I had the opportunity to spend our honeymoon at the Masters – guess who won??? Adam Scott won and do you remember the now famous picture of him on the green and in the rain! During the practice rounds we were able to take photos and I took some of him from both Tuesday and Wednesday when he and Stevie mapped out their plan. We headed home after Round 1, but you better believe we watched on Sunday to see the first Australian win the Masters!!!

Then in February of 2020 I had the opportunity to travel to Australia, the home of many incredible golfers! On February 17, we were playing golf at Barnbougle Dunes – Lost Farm Course where on #5 Adam Scott drove it right off the front of the green some 415 yards away out over the river and in through this tiny little gap on a massive Par 5… It was Monday in Australia but Sunday back home – The Genesis Invitational at Riveria was being played and guess who won??? Adam Scott as we were playing the 5th hole!

Next on Tuesday we traveled to Royal Melbourne, toured the facility and saw Adam Scott’s clubs from the 2013 Masters in the clubhouse. The sweet spot was so worn out on his irons and that picture of him in the rain receiving the Masters trophy is unforgettable! Getting to play Royal Melbourne where the President’s Cup was just played in December of 2019 was incredible. One of the many memories I will cherish from my adventure to Australia and love how the dots connect over time from 2013 to 2020!

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