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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my kid started in golf…

    Under 6 years of age - birdie basics

    6-14 - Operation 36

    PGA Junior League - great introduction to competitive golf as a team

    US Kids Tournaments

    WJGA Tournaments

    AJGA is the ultimate goal!

    LTD Program for juniors once they pass 100 yards in OP36 or are through the green level in the curriculum - 2 lessons a month and an on-course group event


Schedule for Birdie Basics & OP36 classes 

    Winter session - mid January to the first part of April

    Spring session - mid April to mid June

    Summer session - 3 day camps for OP36, on course playing days, random Birdie Basic classes throughout the summer


Schedule for Ladies clinics - 

    Spring session - mid April to mid June

    Summer session - June - mid September

        OP36 Socials - one Wednesday a month at Allenmore

    Off-season - Griffin Club and clinics at the studio


How do I schedule a coaching session?

Watch this video! 

What is Pike13? -

Our scheduling and payment system. Everyone needs to sign a waiver to protect us. We ask that you put a card on file just so we can charge you after the sessions or classes.


What is CoachNow? -

Our app to track your golf journey with us. Holds all your videos and session notes.


What is Operation 36? -

Our foundation for teaching golf. Awesome app that has all the information in it. Create an account for your family and use the GPS, training portion, and watch the videos!


What is Griffin Club? -

The most economical way to see us regularly… this will give you the best rate for a lesson and the most access to us.


When are you at the studio?

November - March! Typically 10 am-6 pm daily except for holidays. 

What clubs to you recommend?

Sara is on Callaway Staff

Chris is on Taylor Made Staff

We have accounts with Cobra too

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